Welcome to the home of beer in South Africa

  • December 17, 2015

The SAB World of Beer is open seven days a week, from 10am to 6pm

South African Breweries has been one of the country’s most internationally recognised institutions for over 100 years. It’s one of South Africa’s greatest success stories, and responsible for some of our biggest (and tastiest) exports.

Fortunately, there’s a place where you can learn all about SAB and its incredible beverages – and it’s one of the greatest tourist attractions Gauteng has to offer. It’s called the SAB World of Beer, and a visit to Johannesburg simply wouldn’t be complete without experiencing what it has to offer.

Originally established in 1995 as the SAB Centenary Centre, a museum designed to showcase the history of South African beer, today the World of Beer is primarily known for its award-winning beer tour. The tour has been developed and perfected to give visitors insight into the history and culture of beer, internationally and locally.

The 75-minute tours are conducted by experienced guides, who are available to answer any question you may have

Visitors are guided through a 75-minute tour that explores the ancient origins of beer in Mesopotamia and Egypt, as well as its African heritage and European ancestry. From there, the tour explores the growth of the commercial beer industry in South Africa, from the arrival of European-style beer in the Cape to its flourishing in the small mining town of Johannesburg, and its role in South African shebeens during apartheid. 

Detailed information on the brewing process is also provided. Visitors are invited into the greenhouse, where barley and hops are grown, and where they can sample these products raw. The milling, boiling and lautering of these ingredients is also explained, giving visitors a thorough understanding of what goes into making one of the world’s favourite drinks.

Stop at the African Lion bar mid-way through the tour for a half-pint

The World of Beer’s guides are exceptionally knowledgeable and visitors are encouraged to ask questions throughout the tour.

The tour includes a souvenir glass, a half-pint at the African Lion bar, and two beer vouchers that can be redeemed at the Tap Room afterwards.

While the World of Beer is known for its tours, there are also a number of other offerings that may be of interest. Its beer tastings are likely to test even the most ardent and knowledgeable of beer fans, and can either be combined with a tour or booked separately. They’re ideal for team-building events, bachelor parties and birthday celebrations.

As a grain, beer lends itself naturally to being paired with food. Experience this fusion during the World of Beer's beer pairings

Every month, on a Saturday, the World of Beer hosts a beer-pairing lunch. These exceptional four- or five-course meals have been carefully crafted to pair with a variety of SAB products. An expert in the industry guides guests through the process, ensuring that they are aware of the multitude of flavours that the pairing offers. 

A variety of conferencing options are also available at the World of Beer. Whether you need a quiet place to host a private breakaway or you’re looking for a larger venue for a sophisticated or festive function, the World of Beer and its catering team are able to meet your every need. Of course, a delicious pub lunch with views over the Newtown Precinct is also available – simply head to the World of Beer’s Tap Room.

There’s no better place to experience the history of beer during your time in Gauteng. For more information, visit the World of Beer website or contact the team today.

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Enjoy delicious pub lunches and cold draughts in the World of Beer Tap Room, with views overlooking the whole of Newtown